Lunch lecture AT Osborne

On Tuesday October 18th, we had the pleasure to have a lunch lecture given by Marcel van Rosmalen. Marcel van Rosmalen is the director of housing and real estate at AT Osborne. The theme of this lecture was “AT Osborne neemt je mee: de match tussen kennis en praktijk” (AT Osborne takes you: the match between knowledge and practice). During the lecture, lots of examples of consulting, projects and management issues were considered. The lunch after the presentation also was a success. This lunch lecture was a collaboration between SERVICE and of CoUrsE! and we would like to thank all the students that attended this lecture for their appearance.

Want to know more about AT Osborne? Join the management game! On November 24th from 9:00 – 18:00 in Amsterdam and Baarn. If you want to join, send your CV and motivationletter (max 200 words) to More information on their website!