Guided tours Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen Career Event

During the Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen Career event (23th of November), of CoUrsE! will host several tours around the companies that are relevant for CME students. This way it may be easier to find a suitable company for your graduation projects, internships or future jobs. The companies that are interesting for CME students and attending the career event can be found on the flyer below.


There are three guided tours you can subscribe to with the following schedule:

Guided tour 1: 13:15 – 14:05

  • Sweco
  • Abilitec
  • Flexurance Professionals
  • Continu
  • Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Enginear
  • Van Wanrooij Bouw en Ontwikkeling
  • Brink


Guided tour 2: 14:10 – 15:00

  • TBI
  • Witteveen + Bos
  • Aveco de Bondt
  • Koninklijke BAM groep N.V.
  • ICS Adviseurs
  • Ballast Nedam
  • Twynstra Gudde
  • AT Osborne B.V.
  • ASK Romein B.V.


Guided tour 3: 15:05 – 15:55

  • Niemand Groep
  • Heijmans
  • Van Wijnen
  • VeriCon Ingenieursbureau B.V.
  • Vorm Bouw B.V.
  • Vorm Bouw B.V.
  • Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling
  • Atriensis
  • BESIX Nederland B.V.
  • Dura Vermeer


Do you want to attend one of our guided tours? Please register below!

See you at the Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen on the 23th of November!


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