Glow Tour

On Tuesday, the 15th of November, the Glow route was walked by the CME-students of of CoUrsE!. Because we spend the whole week on the University campus, chosen was to walk the city-route. For those who do not know: This year there are two routes, one “science-route” over the campus and a “city-route”. Despite the dirty weather, it was worth walking the route. Explaining all the art works we saw is a bit much, also the pictures that can be found here tell probably more. However it is good to point out the Catharina church, which was this year also one of the highlights of the tour and the Tesla Coil which makes music (we took a little detour to the TU-campus to see this one). Thanks for all attendants for joining and a special thanks to our guide Jeffrey, which showed us all the projects and provided the awesome Glow-sticks.