Femernbelt tunnel – BAM Lunch lecture

On the 13th of June a lunchlecture of BAM about the Femernbelt tunnel took place. The Femernbelt tunnel is the biggest infrastructure project going on currently. The Danish government and the joint venture Femern Link Contractors (out of which BAM is part of), have signed a contract in Copenhagen, for the design and construction of the world`s longest road and rail tunnel: the Femernbelt connection between Denmark and Germany. The 18 km long immersed tube between the regions Lolland Falster in Denmark and Sleeswijk-Holstein in Germany, will become the longest road and rail tunnel in the world, after completion. The tunnel contributes to shortening the travel time between the German and the Danish coast, to only 10 minutes by car or 7 minutes by train, compared to the current travel time of 1 hour by ferry, or by taking a detour of 160 km via Denmark Jutland. The construction of the Femernbelt tunnel is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Europe, and will improve the trade and tourism in the region.

In the lecture, the speaker explained how the tunnel will be build. In what kind of factory such the parts can be build and how the parts will be transported to the location. With special techniques, using sensors, they will be connected to each other in deep sea.

The lecture, which took place during lunch time, was well visited. We want to thank the BAM for the interesting presentation and the students for their attendants.