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Dr. Ir. B. Enrich

1Dr. Ir. Erich received his Ph.D. degree in physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2006 in the group Transport in Permeable Media (TPM). His PhD work focused at NMR imaging of curing processes in alkyd coatings. Since 2006 he is working both at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the group Transport in Permeable Media (TPM) and at TNO (the Dutch organization of applied research). The group has grown to a group of 20 PhD students and post-docs. At TNO his work focuses at innovations of materials for the built environment, with special focus on coating research, transport processes and on release of active ingredients (such as biocides) in building materials. Today, dr. ir. Erich works projects related to materials and energy, ranging from spectral selective coatings, integrated solar thermal panels, and thermal chemical storage materials.

B. Heerbaart

1After his study Mathematics (Leiden University) and MBA (RSM Rotterdam) Bert worked for more than 10 years for large multinational companies holding several senior management positions. After that Bert worked for about 10 years for “big five” consultancies. In this period Bert gained significant experience with large transformation programs, from development of the strategy to operational execution of the program. His broad background comprises large international projects and programs for a variety of businesses, industries and governmental bodies. Within these consultancy firms Bert held positions ranging from Managing Consultant to Executive Director. Since 2005 Bert is working as an Independent Consultant focusing on the energy branch. In this period Bert was responsible for both the implementation of Alliander’s Substation Automation program and the development, testing and implementation of Alliander’s Smart Grid concept. Furthermore Bert chairs several EC working groups and is a frequent chairman and speaker on international conferences. Since 2013 Bert has overall responsibility for DENSEK, an EC funded cyber security project.

Municipality of Venlo
Drs. F. Jonker

Policy Advisor Sustainable Development at the municipality of Venlo, Department Environment and Economy. Fred engages in policymaking around Energy, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Cradle to Cradle (C2C), and its application in building projects, area developments and business processes. Venlo is regarded as a global leader in the application of C2C. With the municipal office as an icon due to the thorough implementation of C2C principles. Fred is currently full time seconded to the ‘Verenging van Nederlandse Gemeenten’ (VNG) in The Hague. VNG is the Association of Dutch Municipalities. At VNG, he works in the Energy team engaged to “Energy savings of Existing Buildings” and “Sustainable Energy” themes.

T. Smits

heijmansTheo Smits is an advisory consultant at Heijmans. In that role he advises the area development company (Gebieds Ontwikkelings bedrijf), the real estate company (het Vastgoedbedrijf) and the housing company (Woningbouwbedrijf) on sustainability in all its facets. He also coordinates sustainability activities of real estate and housing with the other business streams of Heijmans; utility and infrastructure. On behalf of Heijmans he advises in various bodies such as SKB, SBK, the Dutch spring agreement (Lenteakkoord) and the Lirob-project. More information about Theo can be found on the website of Heijmans and on LinkedIn.


Royal HasKoningDHV
W. Maassen

Wim MaassenWim Maassen (1969) is a Leading Professional and Senior Consultant Energy and Sustainability at Royal HaskoningDHV, an independent international engineering and project management consultancy company. He advises architects, developers and building owners on conceptual designs for new and existing buildings, and performs energy and sustainability assessments. Furthermore he stimulates developments in the area of Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Performance Design including (nearly) Zero Energy Buildings, see Wim Maassen is also appointed as an TU/e Fellow and works (0,2 FTE) with the chair Building Services within the unit Building Physics and Services of the Department Built Environment in the field of Life Cycle Performance Design. He sets up and supervises research projects and gives courses on Life Cycle Costing, Life Cycle Performance Design including (n)ZEB, Cradle-to-Cradle/ eco-effective design and Environmental Assessment Methods, ea. BREEAM and LEED. Wim Maassen has an MSc degree in Applied Physics, PDEng degree in Computational Mechanics and is a certified BREEAM International Assessor.

S. Rolaff

Susanne RolaffSusanne Rolaff is a Sustainability Consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV. She is a multifaceted professional with an MSc degree in Building Technology and Architecture and is a certified BREEAM Assessor. Over the past few years she has worked on a range of projects across Europe and Australia. During this period she has gained valuable experience related to sustainable building development. She has performed various sustainability assessments and advised different stakelholders like architects, developers, investors, the public sector and contractors regarding sustainable building and area development. Working under a variety of conditions has taught her to take a multi-disciplinary approach in running projects. According to her opinion team work is essential to achieve success. Her communicative skills give her the capacity to achieve demand-driven solutions in collaboration with different stakeholders.


Dr. ir. R. Cuypers

Dr. ir. Ruud Cuypers joined the Process and Instrument development group in TNO in 2009 and has a background in physical chemistry (PhD 2010). He has advanced experience in thermochemical and sorption materials and their application in heat exchanger set-ups. Furthermore, he is capable of performing several thermal and mechanical characterization techniques for this purpose.


Municipality of Den Bosch
L. Odijk

Leendert OdijkIr. Leendert Odijk MRE studied building science at the technical university Eindhoven and finished a post doctoral Master of Real Estate at the tiasNimbas university of Tilburg. He has been active as projectdeveloper for 10 years at several commercial building companies. Besides he was projectdirector of the DBFMO international school Eindhoven.The last three years he is responsible for the build and maintain section of the municipal ‘s-Hertogenbosch. And for larger projects as the new theater and the sustainability of the city ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Furthermore he connects different municipals to help boost their sustainability programs.