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09h30-10h00: Coffee and tea (Senaatzaal Auditorium)
10h00-10h15: Introduction workshops
10h15-12h15: Workshops Siemens (Future of the Built Environment)&ARCADIS(Eurbanlab)
12u15-13u15: Lunch and networking
13h15-13h30: Introduction afternoon
13h30-14u00: Lecture 1: STEDIN (Smart Cities & Smart Grids)
14h00-14h30: Lecture 2: BAM Techniek – Energy Systems (Energy Performance Contracting)
14h30-14h45: Break
14h45-15h15: Lecture 3: Project Management Institute The Netherlands Chapter
15h15-15h45: Prof. dr. ir. W.F. Schaefer (Curriculum; KENWIB)
15h45-16h15: Best graduate presentation
16h15-16h30: Closure of the day by of CoUrsE!
16h30-18h30: Network drink with snacks and award ceremony for ‘Best Graduate’