Company Orientation Day

It has already been a while since the Company Orientation Day, organised by of CoUrsE!, took place. On March 28 eleven companies joined us here in Eindhoven, at the University of Technology, to give the CME students an idea about future professional opportunities. This year the Company Orientation Day was the biggest CME event, where a wide variety of companies attended, ranging from constructors to consultant companies. Also, more than 50 students attended this day, some of which even a few came all the way from Delft.

During the morning, presentations were scheduled in the cinema of the Zwarte Doos. First Arcadis, Brink Management / Advies and Besix had their presentations, followed by HEVO, Witteveen + Bos and Nieman-Kettlitz. During the lunch, a lot of students had 1-on-1 conversations scheduled to even learn more about companies, graduation projects and job opportunities. The afternoon was used for workshops, in two rounds, three workshops were given about various topics.

The day ended in the SkyBar! Underground where we had a drink to celebrate the success of the day.
This way we want to thank all participants and all the students for attending the of CoUrsE! Company Orientation Day, hopefully till next year!

Pictures can be found on our photo-page