Committee lunch

Today (Tuesday 27th) we had a lunch with a lot of students of CME. Before the lunch started, the board presented all the committees that are part of the study association. For example the study trip committee. This committee gives the opportunity to work together with other students in order to plan and carry out a study tour to another country, to visit international companies and construction projects. Organizing the study trip would be an unforgettable experience and it will definitely enrich your resume. Another committee that was explained was the !ntervisiE, the magazine that is published two times a year. This committee is a good opportunity to get in contact with alumni, international students and companies. It takes about 2 hours a week and the organisation of it is very flexible. The third committee is the CME symposium, the last symposium had the theme “Destination Innovation”, for this year you can decide what the theme will be! Check also the previous symposiums on our webpage. With this committee, a lot of contacts will be made with several companies. Maybe you even find your graduation project! Last but not least, the activity committee was explained. This committee is about organizing monthly activities and promote those activities around your fellow students.

The lunch was a good opportunity to have a relax chat with the present students. Also it was a good opportunity for new students to ask questions about courses and the master track itself. All together the presentation-lunch was a succes and we as a board hope to see you all next time with the AT Osborne lunch lecture.

So do you want to improve your study time @TU/e? Sign up directly! If you still have some question, feel free to come Tuesday during the coffee hour (2nd floor, of CoUrsE! corner), or anytime you like. You also can send an email using the contactform.