Weekend Trip Antwerpen

Event details

  • Friday | June 7th 2019 to Sunday | June 9th 2019
  • 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Antwerpen

Of CoUrsE! is organising a multiple day trip to Antwerpen. In this trip, our activity committee will organise multiple activities (educational, recreational, touristic) between friday 7 June 2019 and sunday 9 June 2019.

    The following program will be offered:

  • 07-06 08.30h: Deparature in Eindhoven.
  • 07-06 10.30h: Arrival in Antwerpen and dropping luggage at hostel.
  • 07-06 13.00h: Activity with Witteveen+Bos: a case about international contract- or procesmanagement
  • 07-06 17.00h: Return to hostel, preperation for evening.
  • 07-06 18.30h: Dinner at Amadeus.
  • 07-06 21.00h: Teambuilding activity.
  • 07-06 24.00h: Going out in the city centre.

  • 08-06 10.00h: Breakfast at hostel.
  • 08-06 11.00h: Visit to Port Authority, designed by Zaha Hadid.
  • 08-06 13.00h: Lunch in Park Spoor Zuid.
  • 08-06 14.00h: Free program.
  • 08-06 18.00h: Dinner at Otomat.
  • 08-06 21.00h: Beer tour in city centre.

  • 09-06 10.00h: Breakfast at Hostel.
  • 09-06 11.00h: City tour of Antwerpen.
  • 09-06 13.00h: Lunch with authentic Belgium fries at Fritkot Max.
  • 09-06 14.00h: Free program. We suggest having a drink at a terrace, but it is also possible to return to Eindhoven by FlixBus.
  • 09-06 19.00h: Deperature in Antwerpen.
  • 09-06 20.30h: Arrival in Eindhoven.

The program as seen above may change and you are free to choose if you want to join any of the activities during the day.

For a price of ~75€ (depending on the number of participants), we will offer:

  1. A bus trip with a FlixBus from the TU/e
  2. A hostel with a shared bedrooms and breakfast
  3. A dinner on friday and saterday night
  4. A bus trip with a FlixBus from Antwerpen to the TU/e

Cost of day activities as mentioned in the program are excluded. English will be the default language during the trip.

Please fill the subscription form below if you want to join.


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