of CoUrsE! stands for Construction Management and Urban Development study association Eindhoven. We are the study association for the, in 2001 founded, master track CM&UD. Since 2005, this master track has changed its name to CME (Construction Management & Engineering) as a crossover of the Technology Management faculty and the Architecture, Building and Planning faculty, and as a part of the 3TU CME education program together with the Technical University Delft (TUD) and the University of Twente (UT) where the master track CME also exists. Urban Development will always play an important role within the master track as a graduation topic, distinguishing itself from graduation topics of the CME master tracks from the TUD and the UT. CME is one of the five master tracks that has been labeled “innovative” by the 3TU-conference.

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Latest News

  • 17th Board GMM and Constitution Drinks

    On the 25th of September, of CoUrsE! had its first General Members Meeting of the academic year 2019-2020 and Constitution drink where the 17th board was congratulated in a formal initiation! proceeded by Constitution drinks at Skybar. It was fun. Please click here for the pictures.

  • !ntervisiE 2019

    of CoUrsE!is proud to present to you the 29th edition of the annual magazine of the 16th board of-of CoUrsE!, !ntervisiE. The theme of this year’s magazine is Construction 4.0, and it highlights how the rise of the new digital industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, is a transformation that

  • CME alumnus Mathijs Schoenmakers nominated for Academic Awards TU/e

    We are proud to announce that the thesis Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure of our CME-alumnus Mathijs Schoenmakers was nominated for one of the 2019 Academic Awards at TU/e. The MSc Thesis Award ceremony will take place on Friday 27 September during MomenTUm, the academic celebration of the year. Please be

  • Lunch Lecture: Legal and Management

    On 16th September 2019, of CoUrsE!, in collaboration with the Brink Management / Advies, organized a lunch lecture on the financial, legal and management aspects of a job within the construction management field. Over Brink Management / Advies We zijn zo’n honderd vastgoedspecialisten rijk. Die overigens de hulp in kunnen

  • Junior (Projectmanager)

    Wil jij jezelf de komende jaren door middel van een breed opleidingsplan en de diversiteit aan opdrachten ontwikkelen tot een ervaren professional? Wij zijn op zoek naar talent! De adviesgroep Huisvesting, Vastgoed en Facility Management De adviseurs zijn verantwoordelijk voor complexe opgaven op het gebied van Vastgoed en Huisvesting. Je

  • Legendary BBQ

    To end the year with a blast, the 16th board of-of CoUrsE! held its annual BBQ on 5 July 2019 where CME students, alumni and professors came together to eat and drink and have fun at Café Bommel in Eindhoven city centre. People enjoyed the delicious food having a variety

  • Closing Dinner

    On 21 June 2019, of CoUrsE! had the closing dinner with its active members in the Sopranos near the train station, and the food was delicious. Also, we had some drinks afterwards in the city centre. To see more pictures, click here .

  • Afstudeeropdracht Platform Binnenstadsmanagement Verkiezing Beste Binnenstad

    Standplaats Boxtel Heb jij interesse in de dynamische wereld van de huidige binnensteden en wil je een bijdrage leveren aan de ‘Verkiezing Beste Binnenstad’ van Nederland? Dan zoeken we jou! Tijdens de Verkiezing Beste Binnenstad strijden binnensteden in Nederland om de titel ‘Beste Binnenstad’. Deze felbegeerde titel zet binnensteden letterlijk

  • Mapping the Differences for the Experiences of Ebike and Bike Users

    Supervisors: Gamze Dane, Peter van der Waerden, Aloys Borgers   Introduction Over the past years, the usage of electric bikes has emerged due to their suitability for short and medium distance trips. Because they can replace public transport and/or car for commuting trips and reduce the CO2 emissions in cities.

  • Junior System Engineer

    WAT GA JE DOEN? Bij multidisciplinaire projecten heb je te maken met grote hoeveelheden informatie. Een goede structuur is daarom erg belangrijk. Als Junior Systems Engineer help jij bij het aanbrengen van deze structuur binnen het project en zorg je ervoor dat alle projectinformatie traceerbaar en beheersbaar wordt bijgehouden. Zo