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After completion of university Bachelor of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering the study Construction, Management and Engineering (CME) may be followed. Not only after the completion of these studies at the university, but also after these studies at HBO. Before the start of the master CME you have first to do the specific premaster for CME. In the Master’s program we look at the different perspectives of a project. Where the bachelor are mainly focused on the design, highlights the master CME the other side of the project. How to deal with stakeholders, rights and obligations, process management, project management and what can not be missed as an objective in a scientific study is to conduct scientific research. This is not all, the study CME also has space for developing entrepreneurial insights. The unique feature of this study is the 4TU (Delft University of Technology, University of Twente, Eindhoven University of Technology and Wageningen University) partnership. The study is divided into three types of subjects. The corner stones, common subjects at the three universities. In addition, each university have a specific specialization to which a number of courses are required at the different universities. Finally, there is the some space that can be filled in by the students. The CME students are free to follow these subjects at all three universities.

The full CME Information Package

The CME Information Package contains information about the master track, all the core courses and information about extra certificates


Premaster & Masterprogram
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