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On the 29th of May 2015, of CoUrsE! organized the annual CME-conference. The theme of this year’s conference was “Energy 2020, in the built environment”. The European policy and regulations affect the built environment. The conference gave insight in how public and private parties deal with this development.

Energy in the built environment is a topic of high interest nowadays. Cities account for between 60 to 80% of our energy consumption and roughly equal share of global CO2 emissions. Therefore, countries aim to be more energy efficient and use renewable energy sources. This led to the development of new technologies such as: smart grids, zero energy buildings, energy storage techniques and new green ways of energy production in urban environment. During the conference, several parties and stakeholders related to the construction sector such as contractors, municipalities, research institutes, engineering firms and energy suppliers gave their vision on the way they deal and be successful by benefiting from the Energy 2020 policy. The EU’s Renewable energy directive sets a binding target of 20% final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020.

During the morning, participants acquired a basic knowledge about the theme through presentations. In the afternoon several workshop took place that went further into the details of the most recent developments.

Participating companies:

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