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On the 9th of May 2014, of CoUrsE! organised the CME-conference. The topic of this day was “The Future of Built Environment“. How can we, as CME’ers implement innovative solutions in the actual market? And to what extend can we contribute to a city in becoming ‘smart’?

‘Smart’ cities (which can be a collective noun for the day its topic) are a topic of high interest nowadays. You should know that in the year of 2050 almost 75% of the world population will be living in cities. As cities proliferate, they promote global economic growth and prosperity but they also threaten our climate. Cities account for almost 66% of our energy consumption and produce 70% of all greenhouse gasses. The foregoing means that there are severe problems ahead of us. During the conference, several parties within and outside of the construction world (think about e.g. engineering-companies, contractors, technology firms and energy suppliers) will give their vision on the future of cities. They will try to inspire you. Not only by giving presentations but also by giving workshops, related to the topic of the day.