of CoUrsE! stands for Construction Management and Urban Development study association Eindhoven. We are the study association for the, in 2001 founded, master track CM&UD. Since 2005, this master track has changed its name to CME (Construction Management & Engineering) as a crossover of the Technology Management faculty and the Architecture, Building and Planning faculty, and as a part of the 3TU CME education program together with the Technical University Delft (TUD) and the University of Twente (UT) where the master track CME also exists. Urban Development will always play an important role within the master track as a graduation topic, distinguishing itself from graduation topics of the CME master tracks from the TUD and the UT. CME is one of the five master tracks that has been labeled “innovative” by the 3TU-conference.

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Latest News

  • HEVO: Afstudeerder exploitatie gemeentelijk vastgoed

    Opzoek naar een leuke afstudeeropdracht? HEVO is opzoek naar een afstudeerder met de volgende afstudeeropdracht: onderzoek wat de impact is van gemeentelijke organisatieveranderingen en fusies op de investeringen in en de exploitatie van het gemeentelijk vastgoed. De volgende vraagstukken/deelvragen kunnen hierbij worden gesteld: – Welke (financiële) gevolgen heeft een fusie

  • Glow tour

    As in previous years, from CoUrsE! organized a tour along all glow projects. This year the tour took place on November 15th. Together we enjoyed the GLOW route from Eindhoven. Halfway the route we enjoyed delicious gluhwein, beer or fresh, this made sure we could warm up again to continue

  • Wittenveen+Bos – Business course Oosterweelverbinding

    Op woensdag 29 november 2017 organiseren we voor wo-studenten de business course Oosterweelverbinding op ons kantoor in Amsterdam. Tijdens deze business course zul je met je team van studenten gaan nadenken over één van de grootste civiele projecten die we momenteel in Europa kennen. Hoe ziet het dagprogramma eruit? woensdag

  • Bowling evening

    On the 24th of October, the traditional bowling night took place. The evening started off with a nice pizza or pasta at Vapiano, where a couple of us gatherd. Afterwards, we went to the bowling centre. It was an evening full of fun and hopefully this will be a harbinger

  • AT Osborne Management Game 2017: Floriade 2022

    Ben jij klaar voor de toekomst? Kom op 29 november jouw skills testen bij de AT Osborne Management Game, het recruitment evenement voor studenten met een passie voor de leefomgeving. Beleef in een dag de dagelijkse uitdagingen van AT Osborne en werk aan een complex casus waar economische, ecologische en

  • Heijmans Excursion – Prinses Beatrixsluis

    On the 27th of September, a group of us visited Heijmans at the construction site of the new Prinses Beatrix lock. During our visit, a presentation was given about the project. Because more and larger ships make use of the canal, the 2 existing locks from 1939 cannot offer enough

  • Legendary CME Barbecue

    On Thursday, the sixth of July, the yearly CME barbecue took place. Around 40 people attended of which a lot of alumni! Unfortunately, the evening was a bit rainy, but that did not stop us from grilling meat and having a drink together. The BBQ was a good opportunity to

  • Femernbelt tunnel – BAM Lunch lecture

    On the 13th of June a lunchlecture of BAM about the Femernbelt tunnel took place. The Femernbelt tunnel is the biggest infrastructure project going on currently. The Danish government and the joint venture Femern Link Contractors (out of which BAM is part of), have signed a contract in Copenhagen, for

  • Subscribe to show your interest in becoming a board member!

    Dear reader, Unfortunately time is passing by and the academic year of 2016/2017 is already about to be finished. And as much as we like being a board member, we also have to think about finishing our education. This means that the 14th board of of CoUrsE! is looking for

  • Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition Call for Application

    The Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition (LKYGBPC) is named after Singapore’s founding Prime Minister, aims to draw inspiration from his indomitable spirit of innovation. The competition provides a global platform for student innovators around the world to showcase their ideas on how to address some of the biggest