of CoUrsE! stands for Construction Management and Urban Development study association Eindhoven. We are the study association for the, in 2001 founded, master track CM&UD. Since 2005, this master track has changed its name to CME (Construction Management & Engineering) as a crossover of the Technology Management faculty and the Architecture, Building and Planning faculty, and as a part of the 3TU CME education program together with the Technical University Delft (TUD) and the University of Twente (UT) where the master track CME also exists. Urban Development will always play an important role within the master track as a graduation topic, distinguishing itself from graduation topics of the CME master tracks from the TUD and the UT. CME is one of the five master tracks that has been labeled “innovative” by the 3TU-conference.

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Latest News

  • LaserQuest

    On Tuesday, February 28th, a group of 14 CME students went to the city center, to the LaserQuest on Stratumseind. We played three rounds in different teams to find the best shooter of the night. As you can see in the picture, we all looked like a professional police force.

  • Heijmans LinkedIn workshop

    Martijn Swint, recruiter at Heijmans, gave 20 members of of CoUrsE! a workshop about how to use LinkedIn as a student/employee and how companies/recruiters look at your LinkedIn. In the first hour, a presentation was given in where the common mistakes where stressed out. Also advice on how to do

  • TU/e Contest 2017

    TU/e Contest will be taking place for the third consecutive year in the Eindhoven University of Technology. The TU Eindhoven challenges her students to pitch their innovative idea, prototype, school or research project and co-create it within the network of the TU/e Contest. If you are interested in the TU/e

  • Magazine release

    Today, Tuesday the 7th of February, the first !ntervisiE of the academic year 2016/2017 is released! In this edition, some articles of our fellow students can be found, articles from the department of CME and also articles from companies. The subject is “Internet of Things”. The release took place during

  • Interview Bauke de Vries on BNR – Big Data

    Big data wordt steeds belangrijker in de bouw. Er kan zo veel beter ingespeeld worden op de wensen van de bewoners Met behulp van hun big data heeft Funda de opdracht gegeven aan architecten het ideale huis te maken wat ook nog eens realistisch is voor de meeste mensen. Hoe

  • BAM Infra presenteert innovatieve projecten tijdens InfraTech 2017

    Met trots presenteert BAM Infra zich van dinsdag 17 tot en met vrijdag 20 januari op het Innovatieplein van InfraTech 2017 in Ahoy, Rotterdam. We nodigen je van harte uit in hun stand 6.510 waar zij op verrassende en inspirerende wijze een selectie van onze projecten en innovaties laten zien.

  • The of CoUrsE! Study Trip 2017 goes to Taipei! Subscribe here!

    The Study Trip committee proudly announces that the of CoUrsE! Study Trip 2017 goes to Taipei! This has been announced in the Colloquium room during the break with a nice presentation about the city. We hope you are just excited as we are! What do we offer? 29th of April:

  • Guided tours Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen Career Event

    During the Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen Career event (23th of November), of CoUrsE! will host several tours around the companies that are relevant for CME students. This way it may be easier to find a suitable company for your graduation projects, internships or future jobs. The companies that are interesting for CME

  • Glow Tour

    On Tuesday, the 15th of November, the Glow route was walked by the CME-students of of CoUrsE!. Because we spend the whole week on the University campus, chosen was to walk the city-route. For those who do not know: This year there are two routes, one “science-route” over the campus

  • Business Course Blankenburgverbinding

    For Dutch speaking students only! Wittenveen + Bos organiseert een business course voor de Blankenburgverbinding op woensdag 30 november.Tijdens de business course op 30 november werk je in een multidisciplinair team aan de volgende uitdagingen: – de Rijksstructuurvisie geeft een traject aan tussen de A15 en A20, voor deze verbinding